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2. INSTALLATION GUIDE 484 - 0004 Rev 3 TIP S FOR A LONG - LASTING INSTALLATION VISUALTARGET GLASS MOUNT | [email protected] | 888 - 682 - 7438 Page 2 of 2 3. Provide enough pr essure on the mount to remove trapped bubbles This is the number one cause of failure and is therefore a critical step in the install. The key to success here is to look on the other side of the glass for bubbles . The picture on the left shows the mount i nstalled with insufficient pressure. Air bubbles can be seen highlighted in red. The picture on the right is what you are after. To help apply sufficient pressure a J rubber roller , such as a Veneer Roller , can be used . Star by placing the mount in the right location and m anually applying pressure for it to stick sufficiently on its own. Then roll over the edges of the mount with the J - roller. Amazon link to the J - Roller shown here: Finally check for remaining air bubble by looking from the other side of the glass. 4. Wait 24hr before installing the enclosure onto the mount The adhesive reach 5 0% strength after 20 minutes and 90% after 24hr . Replacement adhesive can be purchased at:

1. INSTALLATION GUIDE 484 - 0004 Rev 3 TIP S FOR A LONG - LASTING INSTALLATION VISUALTARGET GLASS MOUNT | [email protected] | 888 - 682 - 7438 Page 1 of 2 If you don’t want to get the call “the scheduling enclosure fail off the wall” read on. The adhesive used on the VisualTarget glass mount was specially designed to provide a secure bond to glass. It was tested to withstand over 10 times the weight of the enclosure. But this is only true if it is installed properly. T op reason s for units falling off the glass (from most common to least) • Not enough pressure is applied on the adhesive • The glass was not properly cleaned • Not enough time i s given for the adhesive to cure • A f ilm is present between the mount and glass Follow these steps for a s uccessful install 1. Ensure no film is present on the glass The easiest way to do that is to use a sharp blade to try and lift any film off the glass. If a film is present, make a square cutout slightly bigger than the mount, as shown below. Make sure no part of the film is present under the mount , as it may prevent proper adhesion. 2. Clean glass with provided alcohol wipe Not cleaning the glass with alcohol can reduce the adhesive strength by as much as 50% . This is the second most popular cause of failure. Make sure you wait for the alcohol to evaporate before installing the mount.


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