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PoE Issues need help


We are facing issues with Kronos 9.7 iPad. The unit stops powering and charging the mounted iPad. We are getting the below error from the port.

GMT:%C6K_POWERSP-1-PD_HW_FAULTY: The device connected to port 4/12 has a hardware problem. Power is turned off on the port. 

Please help.

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Kim M
Best Answer

Hi Richard,

Our enclosures request Class4 from the switch and are therefore supposed to be supplied with up to 30W of power.
The following command will return the power allocated by the Cisco switch:
show power inline

We've had instances where the switch doesn't supply the requested 30W. One way to solve this problem is to send the following command:
power inline static max 25000

This will ensure the enclosure receive the proper amount of power regardless of how far it is from the switch, the iPad battery level, or status light color.